Play Google Pacman Game: Download Google Pac Man On PC

Jerry Reth | May 23, 2010 More

Play Google Pacman Game: Download Google Pac Man On PC – Who knew that Google placing the Pac Man game on their home page would create quite a stir? It was a game that no one had really even thought about for years, and all of the sudden it is one of the most sought after games on the entire Internet. There are literally millions of people looking for instructions on how to download the Pac Man game, in light of the recent announcement that the celebration (and therefore, the game on their homepage) will be taken down soon.
Many did not realize that Pac Man has been playable on the web in flash versions of the game for many years. It was not hard to find a Pac Man game on the web, but Google’s recent remake with their logo intertwined has people around the world fiending for more Pac Man.

A number of developers have already released the Google game for the masses to play, but it is not clear if Google will be asking that people not share their version of the game with their logo included. There are many sites available that are currently offering the Google Pac Man download, but it is best that you make sure that you download your own copy from a reliable source, because as with all Internet trends, there are people attempting to take advantage of a popular trend. Our link below appears to still be working at this time, and will allow you to download a file that contains a folder titled Google Pac Man that will contain everything that you need to play the game.

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    i love gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle

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    pac man is free purmnantly at

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