BioShock Infinite Release Date

Aaron M. | August 13, 2010 More

BioShock Infinite Release Date – Three years ago, Irrational Games unleashed the hit game Bioshock to the world, which received much critical acclaim and was a smash amongst gamers worldwide.

Many wondered how Irrational Games was going to follow up such a success. Last night at the lavish Plaza Hotel just off central park in Manhattan, the announcement was made to the gaming world.
Their next project is going to be Bioshock Infinite, a continuation of the hit game, based around Columbia as a floating city.

A trailer and an extended demo were on show for the lucky media and guests to watch and play as studio head Ken Levine watched on in a hope that this new game will be a worthy follow up to their other title.

The trailer, like all good trailers, is a tease show of graphics and it definitely hits the interesting button hard. It starts by showing an illusion of a city suspended underwater, before revealing this isn’t the case, it’s really what the protagonist is seeing as he is drowning in a fish tank.

This isn’t looking to be a nice game, as by the end of the trailer the main character is dead, just like in the first Bioshock where you see scenes of the character dying gruesome deaths.

The release date for BioShock Infinite is 2012.

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  1. matthew says:

    bioshock1 bioshock2 and bioshockinfunit no 3

  2. PwningNoobs123 says:

    “This isn’t looking to be a nice game” <—???

    Wtf is wrong with you…look at the video about 10 mins of gameplay…it looks better than the previous BioShocks….

    It will be a **** nice game !! (y)

  3. Kyle says:

    He means it will
    Be gruesome not a bad game you f***ing retard

  4. dangthing says:

    Oh my god this looks like its going to beat the crap out of the first 2 bioshocks. Screw waiting until 2012 I want it now!!!

  5. Reed says:

    I hate waiting. These games have been on my top 10 list for a long time, and continue to be one of the greatest stories I have ever had the privilege of enjoying. It’s disney world meets steampunk, with a dark side. Soooo amazing.

    This trailer, has blown away the other ones. This franchise keeps getting better! With a book, new game, and a possible movie coming out… I just don’t know what to do with myself.

  6. Dremora says:

    Bieng honest i think i looks briliant, but it rly isnt bioshock yet :/ Bioshcok 1 and 2 looks more exciting, but im gonna get this anyway. And what do I know. For all I know this is gonna be better 😀

  7. chris says:

    any bioshock game 4 me is good :)

  8. Carlos says:

    I thought first that they wouldnt make a third Bioshock. But when my friend told me about the new bio i was going :OMG another bio game???!!! YES! so i checked the gameplay that was about 10 min a were going :This game will be a big seller!!

    2012 Here we Come!!

  9. shaun.w says:

    OMG!!! you all suck for making have to what untill 2012!!!! God bless Biosock!

  10. )($ says:

    hey guys 2K and I are trying to speed up the process, cause we know you guys hate waitting. But the more you wait the more it will be worth it

  11. itsethan says:

    too bad we can only play it for a year then were all gonna be dead after 2012 :[

  12. Luke says:

    So ready for this, wanting some details on the game tho: boss, enemies, weapons and is there still gonna be eve?

  13. Row says:

    i think there`s to much time between part 2 and 3 , on the other hand , it `l be wurth waiting for..

  14. big daddy99 says:

    no the world might never end so every one will have all the time in the world to play bioshock over and over again

  15. big daddy99 says:

    i know :)

  16. big daddy99 says:

    of kors there will be eve :)

  17. Mena says:

    Calling all cars, ciallng all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  18. Malex says:

    The previous bioshocks were awesome because of the unique weapondry and styles of attack, plus an epic storyling and epic graphics. So far,Infinite has met all those requirements, and I barely know anything about it!